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AntoinePosted by 2016-10-02

Lot of carr$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1st level ragePosted by Shawn Reeves 2016-09-28

When you play a game and the first level takes several times to complete it then it's going to be a pure Rage game for sure. Baby steps Devs...start easy and work your way up.

Nice gamePosted by Umang Khatri 2016-10-06

Good to play, but there is bug with sound, if I get a call while playing then sound automatically get starts even the sound is closed from the game settings...

Love it I love you this is my favorite game very interesting and very v I am playing play very easilPosted by 2016-09-28

Is ready beautiful this is very very very beautiful lady and I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love kiss kiss thank you

Why this game has 10 milion of downloadPosted by Prathvi Raj 2016-10-02

I hate it ....very bad , i think u should uninstall it if u have or do not download it.. it is just like fun...hhhhhhhhhh

wowPosted by MAthe Moñe 2016-10-28

those people who are saying these game suck they suck them is awesome game and they have stress they don't exercise

Not Excellent !Posted by Shriram Moond 2016-10-25

This game must have the starting level easy. Due to difficulty on the extreme starting level it look boring.

Laggy and sound effects brokePosted by Jacob Mounts 2016-10-03

Game is laggy and the engine sound doesn't always work. Overall, not as good as similar games. Uninstalled.

5ⁿ00ⁿ000000900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000Posted by Rakesh Rakesh Sakya 2016-10-07


Addictive....Posted by Neha Bharti 2016-11-01

The more I play the more addicting it becomes. Highly recommend this game. It is a great time killer.

Thanks you for your help and support for a while toPosted by Sayyed Akbar 2016-10-13

Thanks to everyone who is the best of the King 8 to you, I think 77 to you, I think it was

It is so great gamePosted by Gorgonio Frusa 2016-10-08

Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahha lol and it has a lot of car's that you consider as your own

Great gamePosted by Robert Hartman 2016-10-04

Look this game is a great game and people say there too many ads just but remove ads omg

Many carsPosted by john lane 2016-10-11

Good game vary good I want more this game yay plz make more I say more plz more yay

Worst game in the worldPosted by 2016-10-31

When I take these game on the next day my memory card was not storing the memory.

BetterPosted by Michaelfinley Finley 2016-09-27

Hill climb racing has way more cars and the sound and controls are more responsive

I loved it so muchPosted by blue shadow 2016-10-31

I loved it because it has A lot of cars and is fun to play when you are board

AddictivePosted by Lindsey wow 2016-10-04

So good I love the game so much thanks for making this game thank you

Ok gamePosted by 2016-10-10

Fun game but levels need to be able to beaten, not just go on forever...

Loved to play itPosted by Siddhant Rathore 2016-10-07

Hmmm hill climb,i've recently completed old version game of hill climb

AwesomePosted by mohansingh baghel 2016-10-20

Very good game for the time pass.if you are boring then download it

AddictivePosted by b.a.senthil Kumar 2016-10-31

More challenging levels and different types of cars and I loved it

Posted by joshua obias 2016-10-18

Ahhhh ..the game so worst dont download this game or youll die..

Loved itPosted by Padmashri Inkane 2016-10-22

It is just like my favorite game hill climb racing so I loved it

GamePosted by Harsh Kumar 2016-10-25

Very bad game for us and please anybody not download this game

CoolPosted by Allen Lyngkuist 2016-10-07

It's cool but i wish that the car's weren't so expensive ☺

Gasuuwggyofhh wryoPosted by hari babu 2016-10-28

O5 stubs ß all stubs assess swirls store set-top am Amador

SICK GAMEPosted by Freddie Lawrence 2016-10-27

The cars are epic and the graphics are not what I expected.

Posted by 2016-10-12

I is amazing but taking time to download in android device

Very Very very very worstPosted by Vishwanath Prabhu 2016-10-07

can't climb but simply fall downing and the game is worst

Posted by Jefferson Mercer 2016-10-29

Really bad about freezing up in the middle of the game

Posted by Pinky Ray 2016-10-11

Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood game ever played

Good looksPosted by 2016-10-08

It is good I like this game very much it is challeing

Posted by Samuel George 2016-10-07

Can give me full vehicles when this game is downloaded

मस्तPosted by Sanjiv Kumar 2016-10-03

अच्छा गेम है टाइमपास

Awesome gameplayPosted by 2016-10-08

It is a great game for all of us please download this

EhhhPosted by Mark Bragger 2016-09-29

Hill climb racing is better. VERY similar but better.

Fun game!Posted by Andrew Dickerman 2016-10-02

Classic uphill game with upgrades. Good time killer.

I am going to be interested in the futurePosted by 2016-11-02

This is a great day and the rest are not in my case

Trying to get free coinsPosted by Russell Lloyd 2016-10-01

Looks like i might get some coins for 5 star review

Posted by Sanjay Taywade 2016-10-01

Interesting to play in free time others must try it

Posted by The Senchar 2016-10-13

It's the best game after COC I have ever played...

Faltu gamePosted by royal rift 2016-09-30

Can't tolrate it anymore copy of hill climb racing

Bad ganmePosted by Amy Moore 2016-10-20

This game is boring its a rip off of hill climb.

Very good gamePosted by Demo Id 2016-10-06

up hill racing game is very good please download

addictivePosted by solomon praneeth 2016-10-17

Nice graphics. It's challenging and fun to play

BoringPosted by Logan reynolds 2016-10-09

The controls are simple but it is very boring

Posted by Nayab Ali 2016-10-11

It is very beautiful games.I like this game

Posted by Girish Chandra Duttta 2016-10-11

It very very good racing games for children

Posted by arjun nandurkar 2016-10-09

There is no new version it is simply boring

Posted by Allen Nutter 2016-09-27

Needs some new vehicles and some new tracks

Great and funPosted by madison lithgow 2016-10-14

Earn coins and have a ball pass hella time

Posted by SkullKidd 1986 2016-10-13

Just a cheap knockoff of Hill Climb Racing

very bad gamePosted by sunita devi 2016-10-13

i have never seen this type of boring game

Way to goPosted by Prateek Das 2016-10-07

It was my first mobile game and i liked it

Thullllllu games avaißablePosted by 2016-10-05

Friends so ßoring please don' t it!!!!!!!

Love thisPosted by Zainab Noor 2016-10-14

A very attractive and perfect game for me

Posted by Humaid Khan 2016-11-01

Do practice and complete all the level's

Loved itPosted by 2016-10-28

It is a great game fun to play I love it

FunPosted by Jesse Wagner 2016-10-17

What a great way to spent some free time

AdditedPosted by 2016-10-08

It is a very nice game. Loved playing it

InterestPosted by Rustabh Chauhan 2016-10-28

It's To NYC While Playing Dis Game. .??

ChallengingPosted by Harsimran Singh 2016-10-23

This game is best game I like it superb

CoolPosted by 2016-10-22

It is so cool that I can't put it down

Imran AliPosted by 2016-10-11

It's very liked game I like this game

DEEPAKPosted by karthik f banakar banakar 2017-01-11


Posted by Micheal Oglesby 2016-10-25

This game sucks just a waste of time

Posted by Mahmuda Akter Champa 2016-10-20

Up-Hill Race car is a fun.I like it.

HiPosted by Raif Biswas 2016-10-06

This game is better than hill climb

Posted by Brian Sprick 2016-10-02

Challenging, great for passing time

i like itPosted by rhedz Kipte 2016-10-04

yeah I like the santa claus sleigh

up Hill Racing Hill climbPosted by 2016-10-30

Ang daming Malulu pet na sasakyan

Great gamePosted by Leo Jenkins 2016-10-08

Could u put it multiplayer please

AwesomePosted by Imra Khan 2016-09-30

It is a great game.very very fun.

Posted by Jitumiah Jitu 2016-10-26

Like this game my soon. md mahin

SuperPosted by 2016-10-16

Surchchchesh lb forthcoming b.s.

This is a junkPosted by VISHW PRATAP SINGH 2016-09-29


Hard but adictive love the carsPosted by Keeton Whitmore 2016-11-02

Hard but adictive love the cars

AwsomePosted by Michael Masters 2016-10-30

Cool cars the second one is raw

BestPosted by Curtez Jones 2016-10-16

This is the best game ever made

Very goodPosted by 2016-10-11

It gives a better driving skill

AddictivePosted by waleed tariq 2016-10-29

Its fun to play and spend time

Damage acrobatics signage syllablePosted by Bala Bala 2016-10-26

Smashable gingerbread fleabane

Posted by Praveen Acharya 2016-10-22

Its fentastick. I loved it

Posted by Ritika Verma 2016-10-10

Up hill racing hill climb

GoodPosted by Pratham Rajora 2016-10-04

It has good collection of cars

Awesome. GamePosted by Giovanni Hester 2016-09-28

I love this game it's so cool.

Loved itPosted by Ben Metzger 2016-10-25

Just doing this for the coins

Great gamePosted by ryan johnson 2016-10-21

Awesome fun to play addicting

Eat a dick aop.....Posted by Wayne Green 2016-10-16

Hard. Ly. Worth mentioning

Posted by ravi kumar 2016-10-02

Worst game I have ever seemed

OookooPosted by 2016-11-01


Posted by 2016-10-29

Dhusfuidho yegeidheheisvshsi

Posted by 2016-10-19

I men the amaigan garny game

I love itPosted by 2016-10-15

I really love this this Game

Favorite appPosted by Sam Sneed 2016-10-02

This app is my favorite game

Very love it it's car and allPosted by Falguni Mahajan 2016-09-29

Thanks for making such games

LolPosted by 2016-10-31

Bad game don't installed it

AmazingPosted by Jeryme Reyes 2016-10-30

So much fun. It's addicting

ुजरसीजूसजपPosted by 2016-10-06


Awesome!Posted by hanns ozil 2016-09-27

Awesome game very enjoyable

GoodPosted by 2016-10-18

The resolution is not high

It is very easy and adventure s gamePosted by Ankit Singh 2016-10-18

Super game . It is so nica

Ganga jiPosted by 2016-10-09

Not so good but I Liked it

Posted by Aaron Jones 2016-09-29

It suckkkkkkkks really bad

SHELAPosted by 2016-10-22

Bagus skali gila yehhhhhh

Inappropriate adsPosted by 2016-10-16

Not appropriate for kids.

Constantly freezesPosted by 2016-10-12

Freezes almost every time

Crazy gamePosted by coseharvard marak 2016-10-05

This game issue crazy!!!!

Posted by 2016-10-31

This app very good......

Good gamePosted by Arjun Prasad 2016-10-29

This is a very good game

I like itPosted by Chantelle Barney 2016-10-21

For me i think its great

Posted by stuart tolson 2016-10-13

Alright for passing time

Posted by priyanka joshi 2016-10-12

Tooo much gooooooooooood

ThanksPosted by Sonu Saini 2016-10-08

It's is very interesting

Awesome gamePosted by TeamKillaz 4Lif3 2016-10-06

Loved not very many ad's

goodPosted by 2016-11-02

this is the one of game

Love itPosted by Benjamin Boomsliter 2016-10-29

Dope ass alien vehicles

Posted by normalaali normalaali 2016-10-26


Posted by rakesh agrawal 2016-10-23

Loved it fantastic game

Posted by Patel Dilip 2016-10-13


It may be freePosted by Gregory Mony 2016-10-12

But its still a rip off

Very much funPosted by craig jones 2016-10-02

Very satisfying love it

Love itPosted by Sanay Rakesh 2016-09-28

I love this games a lot

love itPosted by Lamu Sherpa Sherma 2016-11-01

it is a very nice game

The following userPosted by Kumar Rishav 2016-10-24

It is a very good game

Posted by Jayakrishnan Jayakumar 2016-10-14

Jayakrishnan jayakumar

Chandrakanth b BhatarePosted by bhaskar dhume 2016-09-27

Chandrakanth b Bhatare

Nice gamePosted by Neha Nazreen 2016-10-31

Nice game that I need

I have a great day and timePosted by Indra Karki 2016-10-30

Good game ever played

Posted by Bay Watch 2016-10-28

Loved it amazing game

FunPosted by 2016-10-26

Fun game to pass time

PAARTHIPANPosted by Sobhan Kabothu 2016-10-24


OkkkkPosted by Vandana Sundriyal 2016-10-18

Please make it better

Posted by Jaspreet Brar 2016-10-03

My sis love this game

Posted by Hassan Akram 2016-09-29

Fake game stolen idea

Posted by Akash Bora 2016-10-30

Not nice but not bat

Posted by Christian Garcia 2016-10-29

Awesome time killer.

PhenominalPosted by Hassan Qureshi 2016-10-27

Good graphic and fun

Posted by 2016-10-19

Please do fast work

Posted by chris williams 2016-10-15

Look nice and alsome

Posted by Elias Raheem 2016-10-14

This game is so cool

Posted by Sweta Tiwari 2016-10-11

I like it very much_

Love the carsPosted by Amy Nettles 2016-09-29

I like the challange

Posted by Anubhuti Jaiswal 2016-09-28

It is very good game

Posted by hasin irtisum 2016-09-27

It's very good games

Posted by Suprobhat Ghosh 2016-11-02

Very addictive game

Posted by Shailesh Yadav 2016-10-28

Super game brothers

CoolPosted by John Fedorchak 2016-10-14

Its soooo addiction

LOVE THIS GAMEPosted by 2016-09-29

Its very good yo hy

Good gamePosted by Bibek Sharma 2016-10-31

Yes very nice game

AwesomePosted by Bireswar Hazarika 2016-10-28

Very good graphics

Nice gamePosted by ravindra gholap 2016-10-24

For small children

GoodPosted by Lokeswar seela boina 2016-10-18

Down hill is super

Posted by 2016-10-16


Posted by Claudia Salas 2016-09-29

It's a little slow

Posted by 2016-10-31

Shashwat bhardwaj

Wow it's nicePosted by Shobha Maddela 2016-10-15

Very comfortable

Posted by Kotia 2540 Kotia 2016-10-13

I love These game

Posted by 2016-10-11

Superb nice game

GoodPosted by 2016-10-10

Its truly amazing

GggPosted by Sonu Singh 2016-10-04

Bekar slow format

Good gamePosted by Mark Erickson 2016-10-01

It's hard and fun

hiPosted by Holly Dewald 2016-09-27

i like your games

Posted by gopal sarka 2016-11-01

3D 4d ful ab c d

Posted by Prithvi Raj 2016-10-29

I hate this game

Good gamePosted by Wayne Almond 2016-10-29

It's a good game

GoodPosted by Naveen Challa 2016-10-29

Enjoying ah lott

AwsmPosted by Ranjeet Suman 2016-10-28

I like this game

Naman masatkarPosted by Gajanan Masatkar 2016-10-27

Naman xxx bf the

Posted by Lorelyn Berberio 2016-10-23

Its so nice game

O:) supperPosted by Venkatesan G 2016-10-08

It is agood game

Posted by Gabriella Stevens 2016-10-05

I love this game

Fun gamePosted by Justin Leeds 2016-10-02

It's fun to play

Posted by Lohjvhgghkbjjk Vhgzdhzb Ucjxfhxuchx H H H Chhhgfjgk 2016-10-02

Its a grate game

Like shit but I give only one starPosted by 2016-10-23

Gdnnsvshsns sbs

Can't do itPosted by Teddy Harter 2016-10-02

Put at upgrades

StarPosted by Abhi Upasani 2016-11-01

It is too good

So bestPosted by Harshjot Grewal 2016-10-30

OK do not hack

Easy to playPosted by Mikey Miklos 2016-10-28

Adds are short

Posted by FlickR Life 2016-10-25

Its fine could

Posted by 2016-10-23

Exceĺent game

I'm like itPosted by Ika Lutfiya Zahrah 2016-10-21

This very funy

AwsomePosted by A Sch 2016-10-20

Best game ever

Posted by Rimi Singh 2016-10-18

Love this game

Very enjoyablePosted by Jason Burkett 2016-10-18

I love playing

I love itPosted by Jasper Bryan Torres 2016-10-17

Very nice game

Posted by Ajay Yadav 2016-10-13

up hiil racing

My Name is. HarsathharunPosted by Harsath Harun 2016-10-10

It a bad. game

Posted by Dev Varshney 2016-10-08

Good excellent

GamesPosted by Aaron K 2016-10-07

Wow so awesome

Posted by hardik akhade 2016-10-04

play this game

My name is mazPosted by Horatio Fallah 2016-10-29

Good but hard

First oroderPosted by Jack Android 2016-10-29

Like upgrades

CoolPosted by Morris Phillip Apresto 2016-10-22

It is so cool

Posted by 2016-10-19

Unlimited fun

Posted by Robert Adsett 2016-10-16

For the coins

Loved itPosted by Palia Kalan 2016-09-29

Hack and play

Hi this is a nice game better then othersPosted by Robert Holmes 2016-10-30


Posted by Mahesh Ahir 2016-10-29

soo bad game

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The most addictive physics based car racing & bike racing game is coming!
Control your car or bike to climb hills with most realistic control to face the challenges of unique uphill & downhill environments. Gain bonuses from tricks and collect coins to upgrade your car and reach even higher distances.

- Lots of different vehicles with unique upgrades (many different vehicles: monster truck, tank, jeep, etc.)
- Numerous scenes with levels to reach in each.
- Multiplayer! You can challenge your Facebook friends or random users.

Come to join this this mad uphill climb racing game now!

Up Hill Racing: Car Climb on Google Play

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